6-9-2021 Washington Watch Live with Tony Perkins

Kevin Brady, U.S. Representative for the 8th District of Texas and Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee, discusses the Biden administration’s impact on the financial state of the nation, including COVID relief funding, the global minimum tax announcement, the administration’s budget, continuing infrastructure talks, and the latest job report numbers.
James Lankford, U.S. Senator from Oklahoma, discusses the Senate Homeland Security report’s findings on the January 6th breach of the U.S. Capitol.
Robert Cahaly, Chief Pollster at the Trafalgar Group, explains the findings of his recent survey showing 64 percent of Americans believe parents should decide whether their children receive the COVID vaccine.
Russ Vought, President of the Center for American Restoration and former Director of the Office of Management and Budget, advises parents on how they can fight back against Critical Race Theory (CRT) indoctrination in their children’s’ classrooms, and discusses the concerns about Biden’s Education Department’s plans to fund CRT curricula.

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