6-7-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

If you want to witness what authentic panic looks like, look no further than the reaction of certain leaders in Idaho’s GOP to Ammon Bundy’s impending run for governor. I’m not sure these politicos have figured out that Ammon wasn’t counting on their support in the first place. In fact, he’d likely be alarmed for them to consider him one of them when he’s clearly not.

Politicos who argue against the need to free ourselves from the smothering grasp of political government often don’t realize that their arguments work against them. Kent McManigal explains how what would be crimes for you and me, magically become acceptable when clothed in political language and intentions.

When people start invoking phrases like “the public interest” that’s when we should be paying very close attention. As Ethan Yang explains, nebulous phrases like this are regularly used to carve out exceptions to constitutional limits on government power. And that has become a source of nonstop mischief on the part of those in power.


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