6-4-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show

We’ve all heard it said that talk is cheap. However, in tumultuous times like these, it’s important that we don’t allow ourselves to be intimidated into silence. Here’s a great article from the Bionic Mosquito making a very solid case that when we stop talking, we stop thinking. This is precisely what those who wish to rule us want to happen.

Anthony Fauci’s ongoing fall from grace is providing a lot of opportunities for people to take a gratuitous swipe at him. Barry Brownstein explains that Fauci’s shortcomings shouldn’t be allowed to blind us to an even bigger one on the part of the American public: We bought into the idea that we should allow what we see as benevolent experts to rule us.

You’ve likely heard about the current labor market shortage and how many people have been incentivized to collect government checks rather than find a job. Kerry McDonald shares her take on how this could be a silver lining for young people entering the job market, yet there are two ways that government policies are actually hurting these young job seekers.

The latest hot button issue for culture warriors is to push back against those who maintain that transgender athletes are destroying women’s sports. Walter Block suggests a solution that should be obvious to anyone who isn’t running on pure ideology: Let trans athletes have their own competitions. After all, no one bats an eye at the paralympics, do they?


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