6-29-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The “insurrection” narrative that’s taken so seriously by the political class is having a tough time holding up to scrutiny. It’s also demonstrating that the FBI is quickly morphing into a politicized American Gestapo in regards to how it is going after those who were present at the Capitol on January 6. Jeff Minnick has the details.

The fear of many members of the political class is that a revolution is afoot. Joakim Book confirms that there is a silent revolution taking place but it’s not the violent one that those who seek to rule us are dreading.

Sometimes it seems that when politicians are feeling the heat at home, they blow up people and things abroad to shift our attention. The recent “defensive” U.S. airstrikes on what our officials call “Iranian-linked militias” in Iraq is a good example. Jacob Hornberger has some very solid reasons why it’s time to reject interventionism for good.

It’s very tempting for well-meaning politicians to bravely force employers to pay what some call a “living wage.” Their misguided desire to help reliably causes more problems. Donald J. Boudreaux has a well thought out explanation of why low wages are not proof that workers lack sufficient bargaining power.


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