6-29-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Fellow wrongthinker Eric Peters joins me for another timely conversation. We discuss the influence of the safety cult and also talk about the growing fear-mongering over the “Delta variant” of covid and how our fears are being leveraged into bringing us to heel.

The lockdowns and massive government overreaction to Covid has brought about a new class system. As Michael Brendan Dougherty explains we’ve unwittingly allowed certain officials to classify the public as essential, non-essential and expendable. Does that seem like a wise move?

Given a choice between weathering a power outage in the summer or the winter, I’d take winter without hesitation. Daisy Luther has some great advice on how to survive a summer power outage.

If you need some serious intellectual ammunition to counter calls for greater gun control, Kent McManigal delivers the goods. His latest take on the anti-gun bigots delusional quest to control people by criminalizing ownership of certain firearms is right on target.


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