6-29-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Guest: Lowell Nelson – CampaignForLiberty.org – RonPaulInstitute.org.

* Drop in Infant Mortality Rate Mirrors Drop in Infant Vaccination Rate.

* “Coronavirus Surging” Headlines are Attempts to Justify Government’s Overblown Response.

* DNA Vaccines Incorporate Synthetic Genes into the Recipient’s Own DNA.

* ‘Forced’ vaccinations will control your life, warns religious-liberty group – ‘Your life will be made so uncomfortable you don’t really have a choice’.

* Coronavirus has significantly weakened, could disappear without vaccine, top doctor reveals.

* All COVID vaccines are using aborted-baby stem cells, group warns – WND.com.

* Scientists don’t expect a coronavirus vaccine to be nearly as protective as the measles shot – Fortune Mag.

* One Small Business’ Response to the Great Freak Out.

* Small Businesses Unite.

* We are hoping that parents will seriously consider home- and private-schooling options instead of returning to the government schools.

* A Movement to Repeal and Replace ‘Qualified Immunity’ Is Brewing.

* Good Samaritan risks his life to save woman by reportedly jumping in front of gun.

* Hispanic Trump supporter offers protesters a reality check: Cesar Chavez would’ve agreed with Trump.

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