6-2-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Every generation or so, the cool kids get the urge to reinvent the wheel. Nowhere is this more true than in the cause of pushing socialism. Hugo Newman has a well-reasoned response to the inevitable claims that “real socialism has never been tried”. He recommends pointing out that neither has “real capitalism”.

Calls to defund the police are not calls to end state coercion through organized violence. The folks who want the police defunded just want their own monopoly on force. Is there a private sector alternative? Tate Fegly has a fascinating article about how private security apps may be the future of how we police our communities.

I’ve been holding off discussing the growing chatter about UFOs and what our government is likely to reveal about them in the near future. Not that I don’t love science fiction but there’s a lot of wild speculation going on and I don’t wish to further muddy the waters. Caitlin Johnstone has a pretty interesting take on what’s driving this new narrative and how to approach it rationally.


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