6-19-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Trump Admin Wants Input On Private Border Wall Construction After Our Successful Builds.
  • * Virginia Gun Sales Skyrocket in First Five Months of 2020. Gun and ammo sales are up.
  • * Harvard Global Health Institute Keeps Changing Coronavirus Testing Expectations.
  • * Trans activists bully author into ‘withdrawing’ from public life – ‘For the sake of my mental health’.
  • * ‘Fed-up’ Jewish leaders use bolt cutters to reopen park closed by city – ‘A strong signal that the families are unhappy’.
  • * California Orders All Residents to Wear Masks!
  • * Family celebrates ‘miracle’ baby’s life 18 months after doctors call for abortion: God ‘had his hand on her’.
  • * Church to yank Robert E. Lee stained glass, repents for ‘white supremacy’ – ‘Acknowledging our own sin’.
  • * Blind Christian woman banned from park for sharing Jesus – ‘Simply offer them a Gospel of John, the Word of God. No arguing’.
  • * ‘Enter through the back door’: Secret church services defy COVID-19 rules – ‘I won’t accept having to cower in a cave, I won’t accept hiding in a hole because I have a calling from God’.
  • * James Dobson: ‘We will all pay the price’ – Supremes delivered ‘affront’ to God – ‘This is an incredibly dark day’!
  • * Researchers announce discovery of cheap, life-saving coronavirus drug.
  • * Herschel Walker offers to send people who want to defund police to countries without them – ‘I want them to be happy!’.
  • * MSNBC host: Bolton cashing in on betrayal of country – ‘Completely morally odious individual’.
  • * Federal judge strikes down city’s ban on open-carry firearms – The Western Journal.
  • * Black ex-cop: Murder charge in Atlanta case ‘miscarriage of justice’ – Brooks case will have ‘far-reaching adverse affect on the morale’ of police – Art Moore.

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