6-17-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * The White House: When You Defund the Police, You Destabilize Urban Communities.
  • * HHS under Trump determines sex is male, or female – Overturns Obama definition as ‘one’s internal sense of gender’ – The return to the traditional definition is a promise made and a promise kept – God Bless President Trump!
  • * Cops search home after school reports BB gun in boy’s room – Joe Saunders.
  • * Judicial Watch to DC mayor: Let us paint our slogan on street, too – Argues allowing Black Lives Matter messages makes roadway a public forum.
  • * Happiness may guard against deadly gut infections – ‘It could give us a new weapon to fight’.
  • * Poll: US the unhappiest it’s been in 50 years – Tamara Lush.
  • * Tucker Carlson loses ABC, T-Mobile as sponsors over his Black Lives Matter stance.
  • * Facebook stunner: ‘Dead cops’ page allowed, but concerned moms banned – Inciting violence against police doesn’t violate ‘community standards’.
  • * Trump to International Criminal Court: Leave Americans alone – Fight escalates over The Hague’s investigation of US troops.
  • * Rand Paul stalls bill that would make lynching a federal hate crime – Senator argues measure too broad, gives 10-year sentence for simple injuries.
  • * UCLA study: Younger black voters liking Trump more! Activist says voting bloc has ‘been duped over the past 50 years to only look at life through the prism of race’.
  • * Medal of Honor recipient attacks left’s ‘lies about race’ – Gen. Patrick Brady weighs in on cops, rioters, George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.
  • * Senate confirms Trump’s pick for 1st black military branch chief – Jack Davis.
  • * Gen. Flynn on chaos in US cities: Tyranny & treachery are in our midst, but God stands with us.
  • * Music school officials apologize for letting police use restrooms – Pledge they won’t let it happen again.

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