6-17-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Inflation Data Shows Massive Disruptions to US Food Supply and Demand.
  • * The Complex Funding and Ideology of Black Lives Matter.
  • * Guest: Jan Jones – Author/Speaker/Businesswoman – TheCEOSSecretWeapon.com.
  • * Read ‘The CEO’s Secret Weapon’ – How Great Leaders and Their Assistants Maximize Productivity and Effectiveness.
  • * Executives: If you don’t appreciate the value of a top-notch assistant, you’re missing out!
  • * Do Donald Trump’s assistants make him a great leader? – Jan Jones.
  • * Nancy Pelosi Silent on Own Father Who Oversaw Dedication of Confederate Statue.
  • * Court Dismisses Satanist’s Challenge to Abortion Law.

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