6-16-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show

There’s no law so insignificant that the state won’t use violence to enforce it. The viral video of Maryland police tasing, handcuffing and arresting a 17 year old accused of vaping is a good example. Billy Binion says don’t be surprised when stupid laws are maintained by force.

Speaking the truth takes authentic courage these days. You don’t have to be provocative to find yourself at the mercy of a rabid cancel culture mob. Check out this story of a composer who made a statement condemning arson and now finds himself being treated like he’s radioactive.

What does our current “woke” culture have in common with the civil rights movement? Not much, apparently. Paul Gottfried has an excellent article about where civil rights took a wrong turn.

Jeffrey Tucker has been a consistent voice of rationality during the chaos of the last year and a half. He’s also been correct often enough that he has a perfect right to say the words “I told you so.” It’s worth taking the time to examine his recounting of what he learned during the 2020 fight over lockdowns.


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