6-15-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos joins me to explore current events. We talk about why cars are getting more expensive and in shorter supply as well as what our automobiles now have in common with our cell phones. We also keep tabs on the slow return to sanity in the age of Covid.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) looks an awful lot like a racist solution in search of a problem. But is official policy banning its teaching in public schools the answer? Scott Shackford says don’t call for censorship, instead empower parents with more control over their kids’ education.

The word “hero” has been co-opted by the state. Ever notice how many movie and TV heroes are somehow in the employ of government? Paul Rosenberg says we need to praise great individuals, now more than ever. Examples of personal greatness inspire greatness in the rest of us. He also makes a powerful case that if you’re not seeing any obvious heroes around you, it’s time to become one.

With Flag Day having just passed and Independence Day approaching, patriotism is back in fashion–for the moment. Brian McGlinchey has a thought-provoking take on why patriots shouldn’t pledge allegiance.


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