6-14-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Supersonic air travel may be a thing again thanks to a Denver-based startup called Boom Supersonic. Cutting overseas travel times in half would be a huge boon and it would be thanks to markets finding ways to satisfy the needs of customers.

I’ve really come to appreciate Kent McManigal’s straightforward take on current events. I love that his approach is always based on the principle at stake rather than a political personality or party. His take on why drug abuse is stupid but prohibition is evil is worth a read.

It’s getting much tougher not to notice the way prices are rising on just about everything. Paying attention to the fact that politically, global food inflation has started flashing red isn’t a matter of gloom and doom. It’s part of being a realist and recognizing areas of our lives that may need shoring up.

You won’t find many people who would disagree with the notion that free speech is a good thing. But a lot of folks seem to be willing to abandon it if that free speech, in some way, offends them. J.D. Tuccille warns that those pushing for more government power grabs always seem to view free speech as a danger to their ambitions.

Speaking of the dangers of free speech, Michigan’s attorney general apparently was so bugged by a pizzeria owner who refused to obey executive mandates to shut down and allow her business to fail, that the AG openly sought to have the woman arrested before she could make an appearance on Fox News. Is this what passes for leadership these days?


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