5-4-2021 the Bryan Hyde Show hour tw

Fellow wrongthinker Gary Welch drops by to discuss current events:

1. Mitch McConnel says the GOP can get behind a $600B Infrastructure Plan to counter Biden’s $2.3T Plan

Some notes: Under Trump, tax cuts for corporations were slashed from 35% to 21%. Revenues were not as projected, so the deficit went up. $668B in 2017, $1T in 2019, and $3.3T in 2020 (due to “COVID”), and projected to be another $3.3T this year. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said last week that investments in education “brings more money than anything back to the Treasury.”

2. Have Russian attacks on the U.S. moved up to physical attacks on US personnel?

Trump appointee and former acting Defense Secretary, Christopher Miller, is asking the CIA and the Biden Administration to investigate US personnel that have complained of symptoms that are the same as those from people that have been hit with particle or microwave weapons. Most of these have been in Havana and started in 2016. Now there is an increase

3. North Carolina proposes “Political Balance in Schools” Bill. It requires schools to provide equal time and material on any issue or subject that has a political bias.


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