5-3-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Anyone who recognizes and says something about liberty being in peril is prone to getting the side-eye from others. As George Leef explains, if there was a time to speak up, it’s now. He has a marvelous review of a book that examines democracy and power in American history and dares to ask:  Can anything rekindle the love that Americans once had for liberty and reverse the upward ratchet of government control?

If you’ve felt discouraged over the ongoing loss of personal freedoms, it’s a good time to step back and recognize that the current quest for total control has been attempted before. Max Morton reminds us of the inevitable end of a ruling elite who expect us to submit to their demands.

Some of the clearest possible proof of how Covid has been politicized can be seen in the recent revelation that there were backroom dealings between the CDC and a powerful teachers union on when to reopen schools. Kerry McDonald has an excellent write-up about what happened and why it’s causing concern.

J.D. Tuccille has an unflinching look at how one of Covid’s long haul victims is turning out to be freedom. The injustice that was imposed on so many millions in the name of public health is still a tool in the hands of those in power.


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