5-26-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * President Trump’s having a deregulatory moment ‘All but grabbed a giant pair of scissors and wrapped himself in the Gadsden flag of the last Tea Party’.
  • * Pastor who has lived under 12 presidents, says Trump is most pro-black president – Pastor Darrell Scott.
  • * 2 men brave burning apartment building to rescue elderly man from balcony.
  • * John Krasinski will no longer host ‘Some Good News’ after massive bidding war – Did He Sell Out?
  • * Fox News is finishing up its highest rated year in company history.
  • * Westwood One’s Wordock on Maintaining — and Monitoring — Podcast Audiences. On Westwood One’s blog, John Wordock, the executive editor of the Westwood One Podcast Network, offers some guidance for podcasters on how to produce content that engages and retains listeners.

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