5-20-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

One of the biggest, and potentially positive, changes in our society can be seen in the ability to work remotely. Anders Koskinen explains how remote work may transform the American middle class.

With all the things spiraling out of control around us, getting a clear view of the big picture can be a challenge. Thomas Luongo has an excellent take on the tightening noose or widening gyre of the woke revolution.

Have you noticed how, every few years, there’s another crusade of some sort. Bryan Caplan has been paying attention and has some solid advice on how to avoid being swept up in the latest crusade against your will. Considering that we live in a world ruled by hysteria and herding, this is good to know.

Education and skill-building are good things. But they tend to lose value when politicians start handing them out like so many party favors. Robert Weissberg says beware, free community college will only make things worse.


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