5-20-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * LRT Listener: A very encouraging development here in Canada.
  • * Government Help: Breaking Your Legs and Giving You a Wheelchair – Mike Maharrey.
  • * Pelosi says president is ‘morbidly obese – USA Today.
  • * Sam Bushman Says Government is ‘morbidly obese! – Liberty RoundTable Live.
  • * Was the coronavirus created by Chinese scientist who tried to cover her tracks — and failed? – Steven W. Mosher.
  • Dr. Shi Zhengli, known as China’s batwoman, was worried. Her creation, a highly infectious coronavirus, had leaked from her lab in October.
  • * Pro-life means pro-woman! – Tony Perkins frc.org.
  • * Judge: Accurate depiction of abortion is ‘sickening’ and ‘horrific,’ so it can be banned – ‘It is impossible to disentangle this distressing image from the disturbing reality it shows’.
  • * TX Businesses Defy Coronavirus Shutdown Governor allows more businesses to reopen after pushback; ‘If they want to take me to jail again, I am not closing’.

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