5-19-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * California county caves, lets Tesla reopen after Musk threatens to leave state.
  • * Tesla to employees: ‘Choose not to work, it may impact your unemployment benefits’.
  • * Shoppers shift from stockpiling to penny pinching at grocery store – ‘You are going to see a lot more recessionary behavior’.
  • * Rand Paul on Michael Flynn ‘Travesty of Justice’: ‘I Don’t Believe Any of This Could Have Happened Without President Obama’.
  • * ‘Bloodshed in the streets’? Cop suspended for defying lockdown orders. ‘Stopping people and asking for their papers? What is this, 1930s Germany?’
  • * Donald Trump Celebrates ‘Two Great Congressional WINS’ in Wisconsin and California.
  • * ‘Center-left’ Supreme Court justice takes whack at House Members of Congress fighting to gain access to Trump’s taxes.
  • * College hosts bizarre ‘Masturbation for Manifestation’ event – ‘Can pleasuring to the image of a pile of cash bring a pile of cash in real life?’.
  • * State agrees to keep yoga out of classes after 100 pastors object – ‘Not merely an external physical practice with a purely physiological effect’.
  • * Judge orders lawyers to call biological boys ‘girls’ – or else! Now faces motion to remove himself from controversial case.
  • * Couple Married 61 Years Die Less Than An Hour Apart. ‘It’s Devastating’: Couple Married Nearly 61 Years Die On Same Day From COVID-19.
  • * The Car Is Staging a Comeback, Spurring Oil’s Recovery.
  • * Bartering is back: When life gives you lemons, trade them for a neighbor’s hand sanitizer.

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