5-18-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Eric Peters from EP Autos joins us to revel in wrongthink. We discuss a number of his latest columns, including gasoline shortages, the automotive alternatives we’re being denied and the push for universal needling.

If you’re serious about taking ownership of your worldview, you’ll love Margaret Anna Alice’s primer for the propagandized. This is a clear and thorough breakdown of the many ways our minds can be hacked through the use of fear.

Isn’t it curious that a sizeable portion of the populace is actually disappointed that the mask mandates are lifting? The Issues & Insights editorial board has a thought-provoking take on how our once stiff national spine is looking pretty broken.

The biggest problem with claims of “systemic racism in law enforcement” is that such an approach collectivizes the guilt and applies it to all police rather than individual officers who may be genuinely racist in their behavior. Lipton Matthews dismantles the 5 myths of systemic racism in policing.


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