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Your “Friends of the Court” letter should include;

Case number at the beginning 2:18-CV-00160-SU

A brief statement in your own words requesting that the court analyse the above listed connections and note the similar legal problems in LaVoy’s case with those of General Michael Flynn and President Donald Trump.

REQUEST that LaVoy’s case not be dismissed on mere technicality of sovereign immunity.

Mail this week to:

Judge Patricia Sullivan

Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse

Room 740

1000 Southwest Third Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97204-2941

Below I have attached examples of Friends of the Court letters.  We would appreciate your time on this important cause of maintaining freedom.  Please send us a copy of your letter so we can prove that if we are ignored that we have petitioned through the proper channels of government.

Jeanette Finicum’s Email: Nettedj@msn.com

Jeanette Finicum’s address: P.O. Box 918 Colorado City,  AZ 86021

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