5-16-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Guest: Ted Nugent – The Motor City Madman, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and conservative political activist – TedNugent.com.
  • * America’s Outdoor Lifestyle is Under Attack! HuntTheVote.org.
  • * Sign up for Nuge Letters!
  • * ‘Rock & Roll Road Trip With Sammy Hagar’.
  • * Made In America 2020, Showcasing American Made! Detroit Michigan Oct. 1-4, 2020 – MadeInAmerica.com.
  • * Are Manufacturing Jobs Coming Back To America? The Answer is Yes.
  • * CONGRESSIONAL MEMO. 231 Years In, a Need To Redefine ‘Present’ – Nicholas Fandos. The House’s vote on Friday to allow lawmakers to work from afar will fundamentally change how Congress operates.

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