5-15-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Police arrest ‘fed-up grammie’ after she reopens park closed due to governor’s lockdown.
  • * ‘Cops will have to carry me out in cuffs’: Michigan barber, Karl Manke, 77, ticketed for reopening during lockdown vows to keep cutting hair and says ‘I don’t need Gov. Whitmer to be my mother… I can make these adult decisions myself’.
  • * Nolte: The New Stupid Standard Is Testing Everyone Every Single Day.
  • * Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Sees 1/7 of NY’s Nursing Home Deaths After Banning Coronavirus Patients’ Entry.
  • * Health secretary ordered nursing homes to take COVID patients, then moves own mother out – Now facing calls to resign.
  • * PARAGUAY: Nation of 7 million has recorded only 10 deaths.
  • * John Brennan suppressed intel showing Russia favored Hillary.
  • * Joe Rogan: I might move to Texas ‘if California continues to be this restrictive’ with ‘silly’ COVID-19 shutdown.
  • * Which will do more harm: virus or lockdown? – PragerU.
  • * Thousands of people want to be exposed to COVID-19 for science.
  • * 36M have sought US unemployment aid since virus hit.
  • * Tax revenue tumble: Utah tax revenue down across the board, worst yet to come.

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