5-11-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Guest: Lowell Nelson – CampaignForLiberty.org – RonPaulInstitute.org.
  • * Mother’s Day 2020 – William Ross Wallace (1819-1881) wrote a poem entitled, “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle is the Hand that Rules the World.”
  • * TX Gov. Orders Release of Jailed Hair-Salon Owner Shelley Luther, Criticizes Judge!
  • * Sen. Ted Cruz: thank you for your courage, Cruz told salon owner Shelley Luther while getting his first snip in three months.
  • * Resistance to the Covid Plandemic is Growing – Joel Skousen WorldAffairsBrief.com.
  • * COVID-19 Bringing Devastating Groupthink Consequences – Cheryl Chumley.
  • The most damaging and lasting effects of COVID-19 on America won’t be so much ones of physical or medical as they will be mental.
  • * Plandemic, the movie – PlandemicMovie.com.
  • * Sheltering in place, Wearing a mask are precisely the opposite of what we should be doing, because one’s immune system depends on its interaction with the germs and viruses in the environment.

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