5-10-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The political class is flexing hard for the American people. What more can it do to consolidate its power over us? James Bovard says pay close attention to the coming IRS reign of terror.

Once upon a time, Disney could be counted on to be a family-friendly, non-politicized source of wonder and entertainment for children. Not anymore. Andrea Widburg has an excellent article on how the Disney Corporation is taking a deep dive into identity politics.

One of the first steps to loosening the stranglehold that politics has over our individual lives is to recognize that the real battle isn’t between the left and the right or conservatives and progressives. It’s the individual vs. the collective and Lawrence W. Reed has a marvelous tribute to F.A. Hayek who made this clear distinction years ago.

It’s no surprise that some folks get upset when confronted with some of the growing similarities between current America and Weimar Germany in the 1930’s. What would happen if we compared the former Soviet Union to what’s happening in America today? Victor Davis Hanson explains how we’re being sovietized in 10 easy steps.

Sometimes you can judge your success by the people who are most bothered by your efforts. Right now the German government is panicking over people who are invoking the legacy of legendary Nazi-resister Sophie Scholl to stand up and reject that country’s increasingly totalitarian Covid restrictions.


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