4-9-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

We all tend to see ourselves as the hero of our own story. What we often fail to recognize is the small, yet heroic, acts that require legitimate courage on our part. Kent McManigal has some thoughts on a decision that each of us will soon have to make regarding vaccine passports.

With all the talk about proposed gun control measures, it’s time to face a hard reality: There comes a point where changing minds is no longer an option. Instead of arguing about something that some wish to force upon us, we should put our efforts into peaceful but determined actions to maintain our tools and skills.

If you find yourself wondering how so many people have become indoctrinated with collectivist ideals, look no further than our institutions of higher learning. Zachary Yost has an excellent article on how federal funding is used to control colleges and universities.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the American public seems just a bit divided these days. I know, I was as surprised as you are. The prospect of separating and going our own ways seems unthinkable to many but it’s better than its Balkanized alternative of bloodshed. The Z-man has a very solid take on why it’s time for a divorce before things get uglier.


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