4-8-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

One of the most positive developments of late is the undeniable drop in COVID cases in fully open states like Texas and Florida. John Tamny reminds us that the vestiges of federalism we’re seeing now should have been part of the solution all alone.

Once upon a time, I would have vigorously defended many of the corporations who are becoming our “woke” vanguard. Today, I’m not so sure. Doug Casey has some helpful historical perspective on how Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) companies are becoming de facto enforcers of politically correct dogma.

The blizzard of disinformation that’s raging around us is growing in intensity. People who don’t wish to be misled have their work cut out for them. Annie Holmquist has written a thoughtful essay on looking beyond headlines to outsmart the official propagandists.

Maybe I’m a weirdo because I tend to enjoy the time I spend mowing and caring for my lawn. I’m having to rethink my stance after reading Thomas L. Knapp’s interesting take on how even our lawns are now subject to government overreach.

With more executive orders being handed down from the White House today, a lot of folks are experiencing the awakening of their inner rebels. Kent McManigal has a message worth considering: Go ahead and rebel, but do it responsibly.

I’ll be speaking in St. George, Utah this coming Saturday April 10th at the Red Lion Inn as part of the Liberty Conference sponsored by the Liberty Action Coalition.


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