4-8-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * A group of Nashville nurses went to the roof of the hospital during their break to pray for hospital staff and patients suffering from coronavirus.
  • * Heritage Foundation launches national coronavirus recovery commission – ‘Good public health policy is good economic policy’.
  • * Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter Plans Donation Of $1B For Virus Relief.
  • * ABC trashes Pence’s Christian faith – Do you ‘talk to God’ about how many you let die from coronavirus?
  • * AZ Dr. Ben Reeser helps build innovative device to protect health-care workers fighting coronavirus.
  • * Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Defends Deeming Churches ‘Essential’.
  • * ME Sheriff Scott Nichols rebels against governor: ‘We will not be setting up a police state’.
  • * Healthcare Worker Beats Coronavirus, Returns to Helping Others with Same Disease.
  • * 6-Year-Old with Cystic Fybrosis Beats Coronavirus.
  • * Kindhearted stranger offers to pay out-of-work waitress’ rent.

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