4-7-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show

This may seem like a strange question but do you remember what “normal” felt like? It’s shockingly easy to get used to truly abnormal circumstances and there’s real danger than many of us have forgotten what we’ve lost. David McGrogan reminds us that we must never forget what it was like to live freely.

One of the key components of a free society is the free movement of its people. Hannah Cox has an excellent essay on how vaccine passports may turn a natural right into a tightly regulated privilege.

I’ve heard a number of good reasons for getting into cryptocurrency. Max Borders suggests that it may actually be a patriotic act to do so as he makes the conservative case for cryptocurrency.

Keeping liberty alive in the age of coronovistas is not an easy task. Jeff Minnick has some timely suggestions for how to keep your morale up while doing the heavy lifting of maintaining your freedoms.

I’ll be speaking in St. George, Utah this coming Saturday April 10th at the Red Lion Inn as part of the Liberty Conference sponsored by the Liberty Action Coalition.


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