4-7-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Guest: Patrick Semmens – National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation – RightToWork.org.
  • * United States: 367000 Cases, 10800 Deths.
  • * Utah: 33394 People Tested, 1675 Cases, 138 Hospitalizations, 13 Deaths.
  • * Utah County: 223 Cases, 14 Hospitalizations.
  • * Foundation in the Wall Street Journal: More Changes Necessary to Protect Workers’ Right to Vote Out Unwanted Unions.
  • * Mark Mix Discusses Recent NLRB Victory on The Vicki McKenna Show.
  • * Worldwide Fast Good Friday April 10 FaceBook Public Group.
  • * Franklin Graham: Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Result of a Fallen World’ — ‘I Would Encourage People to Pray’.
  • * The Ten Commandments and You – Cecil B. DeMille.
  • * The Ten Commandments of God, when they are observed, prevent murder, stealing, false witness, envy, the worship of false idols, and the other sins and crimes against which God on Mount Sinai thundered “Thou shalt not.” Today some people are inclined to look upon those commandments as a bit archaic. But they are not. They are more modern than today’s newspaper—because they are timeless.
  • * Savage nation 4-6-2020 Debunks Fox’s push to use hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.
  • * Donor buys gift cards for 549 households – USA Today.

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