4-5-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Learning how to think clearly and independently is worth every bit of the effort required. I have found Paul Rosenberg’s series of essays on logical fallacies and rhetorical tricks you may encounter to be especially helpful in helping to sort fact from fiction. His latest essay covers what to do when someone begins playing the victim.

Part of the problem with ever-expanding government control of our individual lives is the result of asking it to do too much. Katherine Mangu-Ward makes a convincing case for abolishing the Food and Drug Administration. She reminds us that the role of the state is to protect our rights, not to prevent us from making risky choices.

Stories like this feel like job security to me. Sixty Minutes was once a highly respected TV news program. If you’ve doubted whether the MSM would distort or selectively edit footage to mislead us into false narratives, you’ve got to see what they did with Governor DeSantis in Florida when talking about COVID vaccines.

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