4-29-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Politics has a tendency to corrupt whatever it touches. This includes well-intentioned people like you or me who might wish to run for office. Jordan B. Peterson poses the question, “What makes you think you won’t be a tyrant if you were given power?” He has a point.

One of the most important distinctions we can make is the one between reform and freedom. Jacob Hornberger spells out the difference and makes the case for freedom rather than more comfortable serfdom.

We’re all skeptics, at some level, when something new comes along. If you’ve been wary of cryptocurrencies, here’s another reason to take a closer look. Jon Militmore shares the story of an NFL draft pick who’s choosing to take his entire signing bonus ($22.5 million) in crypto.

Noting how much ignorance abounds in the world isn’t a matter of arrogance. It’s being realistic and it requires admitting that none of us are immune. As to the question of what we should be doing about it, Joakim Book says, first and foremost, don’t misinform.

Being free in an unfree world isn’t getting easier. I wish more people would consider Curt Mercadante’s approach and choose to provide an example of freedom in how they live their lives. It’s so much better that simply raging against the freedom deniers.


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