4-27-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos stops by to discuss current events. Among the topics we cover today:

  • Will bicycles soon require licensure?
  • Whether you should have a radar detector
  • The pride of the newly vaccinated

Pop culture is pretty far down the list of things that I care about. Having said that, it’s fascinating how the entertainment awards shows are losing their audience at an unprecedented rate. Bobby Burack explains what those tanking ratings mean.

It seems as though every police-involved shooting is becoming a flashpoint for new protests across the country. What is the most likely solution? Ron Paul says if we wish to solve our police problems, we should start by embracing liberty.

Here’s a word that more of us should understand: expropriation. Charles Hugh Smith has an eye-opening explanation of how what’s yours is now mine in America’s era of accelerating expropriation of our private property. He also has some powerful suggestions of what we can do about it.


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