4-21-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Teen Who Walked Three Miles Daily to Library Gets Accepted to 12 Colleges.
  • * Uber Driver Raises $12K to Feed Hungry Nurses During Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • * 10-Year-Old Donates More than 200 Gift Cards to Missouri Police Officers.
  • * Kind-Hearted Veteran Donates Hand Sanitizer to People in Need During Pandemic.
  • * Why Walking Matters—Now More Than Ever – Our upright gait is not just a defining feature of what it means to be human. It also makes our bodies and brains work better.
  • * Can music boost your immune system?
  • * Florida Kennel Empty ‘For the First Time in History,’ All Dogs Adopted.
  • * Anonymous Donor Gifts $2,200 Stimulus to Colorado Family in Need.
  • * China Tries (and Fails) to Get Wisconsin to Pass Law Praising Beijing on Coronavirus.
  • * Tucker Carlson to Agriculture Lobby: ‘If You Want Workers, Pay US Wages’.
  • * Novak Djokovic’s anti-vaccination stance may stop his return to tennis· Covid-19 vaccination seen as crucial for return of sport· ‘Personally I am opposed to vaccination,’ says world No 1.
  • * Matt Drudge fires back at Trump, says his web traffic is at record levels.
  • * Oil futures contract expiring Tuesday dives 38% as pandemic ravages demand, June contract falls 11%.
  • * Oil prices plunged to below $1 a barrel Monday, and Goldman Sachs reportedly says U.S. oil prices could crash to near $0 a barrel as the industry is among many to take a demand hit due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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