4-16-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Utah attorney Marcus Mumford, who represented state GOP, Ammon Bundy, has died! Marcus Mumford, 46, was found dead in his Salt Lake City home by a colleague and friend who stopped by to bring him breakfast and discuss a case Monday morning.
  • * Watch Trump crush news media for ‘lying and purposely distorting things’ – Limbaugh: ‘The only thing they’re interested in is destroying their opposition’.
  • * Donald Trump Goes to War: Shows Media Video of Their Reporting Failures on Coronavirus.
  • * Rasmussen: 4 in 10 likely voters believe reporters ‘trying to hurt Trump’ – On coronavirus, public trusts president more than media and Congress.
  • * BRAVE NEW SCHOOLS – Taking courses online is just as good as in-person classes, study finds – Many more students can access them and they are much cheaper to facilitate.
  • * Landlord tells woman not to worry about rent, then surprises her with groceries for family on porch.
  • * A MINORITY VIEW – How colleges can recover from COVID downturn – Walter E. Williams advocates dumping every department with ‘Studies’ in its name.
  • * States ask feds to make chemical abortions easier during pandemic – ‘This is not the first time the abortion lobby has attempted to weaponize the coronavirus’.
  • * Biblically unclean animals responsible for pandemics – ‘Is it possible we’ve been ignoring the practicality and divine instructions?’.
  • * ‘No significant risk’ of coronavirus infection at supermarkets, prof finds – Outbreaks arise from ‘people being closer together over a longer period of time’.
  • * Natural light, fresh air are keys to keeping virus out, scientists say – ‘Daylight exists as a free, widely available resource to building occupants’.

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