4-14-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Franklin Graham delivers Easter message at Central Park on live Fox News broadcast.
  • * 22-year-old woman dies COVID-19 positive, coroner says different cause of death.
  • * NY governor heaps praise on Trump amid coronavirus pandemic – ‘He’s done it quickly and he’s done it efficiently’.
  • * Trump Cabinet Bible leader Ralph Drollinger sets media straight on ‘God’s wrath’ – ‘More believers in DC than at any other time in modern American history’ – Art Moore.
  • * Husband Rides in Bucket Truck to Visit Beloved Wife After Long Separation Due to Coronavirus.
  • * Trucker with Difficult Past, Lentravius Geer Buys Pizzas for Families in Need During Pandemic. “When you’re moving fast, you don’t know how to find your way. So God had to sit me down and get my attention. And he started speaking. And I started speaking back,” – “I had a lot of room in my life for God to work, and he made it happen,”
  • * No Wi-Fi? No problem when the solution is parking a school bus outside a rural neighborhood.
  • * Hulk Hogan calls for revival amid pandemic: ‘God has taken away everything we worship’.
  • * 6-Year-Old with Cancer Makes Easter Baskets for Quarantined Kids.
  • * Planned Parenthood to Ask Supreme Court to Protect Abortion Access in Texas.

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