4-12-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The greatest threat faced by American society is not a lack of inclusive thinking. It’s the deterioration of the rule of law. Robert E. Wright makes the case that now, more than ever, we need the rule of law, not lawlessness.

Every time a politician announces that he or she “has a plan” to better run our lives, my spidey sense starts tingling. Barry Brownstein has a brilliant take on why we the people don’t need a president’s plan in order to have fulfilling lives.

It appears that much of the heritage mainstream media is actively working to promote racially motivated violence, like we witnessed last year. If you have interest in staying informed about the trial of the Minneapolis officer accused of killing George Floyd, Legal Insurrection is providing much more factual information than any of the MSM sources are.

If you’re in the market for a house, you already know that demand is quickly outpacing supply in many areas. This means an awful lot of homebuyers (and even renters) are being priced out of affordable housing. Dustin Romney has a great explanation of how deregulating real estate markets can solve America’s shortage of affordable housing.

My hometown of Salt Lake City has the hottest job market in the nation. Jon Miltimore connects the dots as to why that is and how it has everything to do with people choosing freedom over lockdowns.


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