4-11-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * How Many People Have Already Had The CoronaVirus?
  • * FDA authorizes 1st blood test for virus.
  • * Trump to launch ‘Opening our Country’ task force!
  • * Trump participates in Easter blessing.
  • * Report: Trump telling advisers, wants to reopen nation by May 1 – Sources echo Barr’s call to lift ‘draconian’ lock-down by end of month – Art Moore WND.com.
  • Barr said in the Fox News interview he trusts the American people to adhere to social-distancing guidelines on their own.
  • * Utah County Commissioner Tanner Ainge, wants Utah open for business.
  • * Retail workers say not enough social distancing in Utah.
  • * In a recent chilling video, the police of Greenville, Mississippi ticketed people who were sitting in their cars with windows rolled up in a church parking lot, as they listened to their pastor preach.
  • If these same people had been in their cars listening to the radio in the Home Depot parking lot, it would have been permissible.
  • * Staying social during social distancing.
  • * Major hurricane season predicted – USA Today.

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