4-1-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Guest: Becky Akers – Author: Halestorm, Abducting Arnold. the revolutionary new novels. Buy them before They’re banned!
  • * The coronavirus: Blueprint for bio-terrorism – Grady Means, Opinion Contributor – TheHill.com.
  • * Trump planning more help for American people, aims for a massive jobs and infrastructure bill.
  • * Chinese Restaurant Hangs Banner ‘Celebrating the Epidemic in the US’.
  • * China recommends bear bile to treat COVID-19, worrying wildlife advocates.
  • * US Labels Venezuela’s Maduro and Regime as Narco-Terrorists.
  • * Fed Reserve Chair Powell Downplays Inflation Threat — ‘We Don’t Really See That’.
  • * Grocery Store Throws Out $35K Worth of Produce After Woman Purposefully Coughs on It.
  • * Former Biden staffer drops bombshell allegation: Joe pinned me to the wall then penetrated me.
  • * Rush Limbaugh: ‘I couldn’t walk for three days’.

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