3-9-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Political consultant Gary Welch joins me to discuss these topics:

  • Institutions – Why do they get inefficient and expensive? Does this only happen to government or all man-made institutions subject to these inefficiencies and becoming less effective as they get bigger?
  • Politicians – First: How ironic that Cuomo gets caught in the #METOO movement. He was asked yesterday if his women accusers were lying. He had to say “no” because the #METOOs demand that all women accusers are telling the truth and to deny it is misogynistic. The illogic is mind boggling.
  • Second – We think it is about sex, it is not. It is about control and domination. Cuomo, Clinton, Trump, Bush, Roy Moore, Biden – it goes on and on. Party affiliation does not seem to matter. They are driven by super inflated egos and sociopathic tendencies. Once we take this out of the realm of “boys will be boys” and into understanding the pathological nature of these men (and women, I might add), then we should really be asking ourselves: “Do we want these types of people to be making decisions for us?”
  • Political Action – The United States never had, does not currently have, and never will have an enlightened electorate.  Thinking that the citizens of America are going to rise up and end this corruption and scandals is delusional. There is no historical precedence of citizens acting independently on political matters.


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