3-4-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show

The good news is that lockdowns are beginning to end in some states. The bad news is that the authoritarians who have thrived during this past year are angry and desperate to hold onto their power over the populace. Anders Koskinen explains how a complicit MSM is doing its best to sow seeds of fear and doubt about the reopenings.

These aren’t exactly the golden days of free speech in America. Why do people in power try to silence those with whom they disagree? Judge Andrew Napolitano has some answers.

The amount of money being spent by American politicians is staggering. If you find yourself wondering where all that money is going, Words & Numbers hosts Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan document how government is taking care of itself first rather than the citizenry that they claim to be “helping.”

Do you find yourself struggling to have conversations with people who see things differently than you do? You’re not alone. Kent McManigal has a helpful essay on the wisdom of knowing when to keep quiet.


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