3-4-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Tennessee is under a state of emergency after deadliest tornado day in 7 years.
  • * Sanders wins California; Biden wins Texas and nationwide.
  • * Record-breaking Turnout, Sanders decisively Wins Utah! Five Thousand Plus Attend Rally!
  • * Is 2020 Bernie losing to 2016 Bernie?
  • * Is Bloomberg ending his campaign? – reassessing after dismal performance.
  • * Elizabeth Warren loses Massachusetts, her home state.
  • * Hillary Clinton ‘Not Planning To Endorse’ Any Democrat Vying For White House.
  • * Super Tuesday Triumph for Biden Sets up One-On-One Battle Against Sanders – Reuters.
  • * Federal judge: Hillary must answer more email questions.
  • * Rise of telecommuting: Working from home not such a career risk.
  • * Americans continue to vote with their feet towards low-tax states.
  • * Black Voters Turn Their Backs on Mike Bloomberg During Church Service.
  • * Bernie Sanders Raised Whopping $46.5M in February, Plans TV Ad Buys in 9 States.
  • * Federal Funds Used to Research ‘Hate Speech’ on Gab.

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