3-31-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * A Listener with a great point!
  • * Dr. Deborah Birx cautions Americans to look past media hysteria and lays out facts about COVID-19.
  • * Don Jr. Says ‘Every American Needs’ To Hear 2 Min Clip of Dr. Birx Refuting Media’s COVID Narrative.
  • * Former CDC chief IDs possible way to curb risk of coronavirus: Take Vitamin D.
  • * 101-Year-Old Italian Man Leaves Hospital After Beating Coronavirus.
  • * Recovered Coronavirus Patient: God Breathed into My Lungs and Healed Me.
  • * The UK Government Asked for 250,000 Coronavirus Volunteers, and 405,000 Came Forward in 24 Hours.

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