3-30-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Eric Peters from EPAutos.com stops by to discuss how the lockdown narrative is falling apart like a soup sandwich. We also talk about forced vaccinations, medical passports and other authoritarian measures that are being promoted.

When Texas lifted its pandemic mandates and opened up the entire state, lockdowners insisted this was a dangerous, reckless policy. Now it’s been a few weeks and it’s clear that this was not the case. Jon Miltimore has a great article that spells out just how wrong the naysayers were in their doomsaying.

Every time we seem to be on the verge of regaining our collective senses, the COVID fear-peddlers go into overdrive trying to convince us that the worst is yet to come. Their latest smokescreen has to do with whether or not to let our kids play together if they’re not vaccinated. Annie Holmquist says let the kids play despite COVID.

The quest for truth requires understanding the rhetorical tools that others will use to prevent us from speaking it. Paul Rosenberg’s latest essay on word-borne attacks is fantastic philosophical ammo for those who are determined to shine a light into the darkness.


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