3-29-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

A good rule of thumb that you’re dealing with an aristocracy is when there’s one set of laws for the little people and another for those in authority. Brad Polumbo has written about a perfect example of this in how the Biden administration is firing employees for having used marijuana while Kamala Harris gets away with it.

The obsession with so-called gender inequality has spilled into virtually every area of our lives, including military service. Kerry McDonald has an excellent essay about why gender inequality isn’t the problem with the draft.

There’s a lot of propaganda directed at us on a daily basis. This has led some to conclude that online advertising has reduced consumers to puppets on a string. Sheldon Richman explains why this bias against advertising is misplaced.

Anyone who is serious about claiming, using and defending his or her natural rights should be well-versed on the subject of self-ownership. Gary M. Galles shares some of Leonard E. Read’s keenest insights on how not to be owned. It starts with learning the freedom philosophy and then living it.

By the way, the key to reclaiming your self-determination can be found in the decentralization of power. Ryan McMaken has some terrific advice on this.


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