3-26-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

2021 is quickly becoming the year of the censor. Thomas Luongo says this spells danger as well as opportunity for companies like Patreon who allow even controversial content creators to thrive without ideological filters.

Pop culture’s portrayal of capitalism is always slanted toward the greedy, exploitative perversion of the market that we see in crony capitalism. In reality, authentic free market capitalism has improved the world in measurable ways. Kimberly Josephson has compiled 5 reasons Americans (wrongly) see big business as the villain.

Many people grasp for any reason to believe that what government is doing to them isn’t really tyranny. James Bovard has a lockdown tyranny retrospective that provides ample evidence that what’s being done to us isn’t exactly a favor.

Does the truth still matter? It does to some of us. That’s why when we see federal prosecutors walking back their statements and charges against some of the January 6th protestors. We’ve seen this kind of ridiculous overcharging of defendants before with the Bundy family’s trial. It didn’t end well for the government.


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