3-25-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * The Swamp Is In Session! The $6T Unconstitutional Sell Out is Under Way!
  • * Larry Kudlow: The $2T stimulus bill would work in tandem with $4T in bolstered lending power from the Federal Reserve.
  • * Trump invoked the Defense Production Act (DPA), The DPA allows the federal government to force private sector companies to produce equipment in a crisis.
  • * Abolish the Federal Reserve, The IRS, The Education Department, DEA and The BLM.
  • * Head for the Hills in a Six-Figure Winnebago on Steroids – Matthew Kronsberg.
  • * Actress Evangeline Lilly Dismisses Social Distance Warnings While Living with Her Cancer-Stricken Father.
  • * Indian Political Activist Arrested for Selling Cow Urine as Coronavirus Treatment.
  • * Amazon Prohibits Man from Selling over 17K Bottles of Hand Sanitizer.
  • * DEA returns $82,000 life savings it confiscated – Federal agents wrongfully demanded cash in dispute last year.
  • * Trump suspends 1938 road law, gives truckers green light to move emergency supplies.
  • * Dr. Ben Carson Urges Americans to Join Together in Prayer!
  • * Comcast to Give Families Free Internet During Coronavirus.

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