3-24-2021 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Oregon Health Officials Propose Permanent Mask Mandates.

* Joy Behar poked fun at Americans who did not want the coronavirus vaccine until free donuts were involved. Behar referred to the country as “a nation of golden retrievers” during Tuesday’s broadcast of ” The View ,” saying that people were behaving like dogs who performed tricks in order to get a treat.

* Behar: you know what would help? If they would attach those stimulus checks to the vaccine, ok? You’re not going to get your check unless you get the vaccine. I bet you that would work.

* Sidney Powell Responds to The Fake News – “The #FakeNews is lying to everyone about our filing in the Dominion case. My position has not changed. We will be taking them to the mat”.

* HOWARD KLEINHENDLER, ATTORNEY FOR SIDNEY POWELL, RESPONDS TO MEDIA ALLEGATIONS CONCERNING MOTION TO DISMISS FILED AGAINST DOMINION COMPLAINT! Yesterday, several news media outlets cut and paste out of context portions of our motion to dismiss the Dominion complaint to “spin” a message that the election fraud allegations that Ms. Powell presented to various courts and to the public were not credible. I’d like to clarify what actually was presented to the court. First, let me be clear: any suggestion that “no reasonable person” would believe Ms. Powell or her comments on the election is false. The language these reports referred to is a legal standard adopted by the courts to determine whether statements qualify as opinions which are exempt from defamation liability.

DC Circuit reaffirmed just last week, there is no claim for defamation when the alleged “defamatory” statement is a legal opinion.

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