3-24-2021 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Sam Doubles Down and Defends The God Given Sacred Gift of Agency!

* Illegal immigrants suspected of crimes ranging from rape and murder to gang affiliation have been arrested in the Rio Grande Valley sector of Texas, according to Customs and Border Protection officials.

* Psaki Pressed On Biden Putting illegals’ In Hotels While National Guard Slept In DC Parking Garages!

* Illegal Immigrants to Receive $4.4B in Stimulus Checks.

* Democrats Put on the Full Court Press to Advance Gun Control Bills in the Senate.

* Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker who was sued for his refusal to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, is in court again for refusing to bake a gender transition cake. Autumn Scardina, an attorney, ordered a birthday cake in 2017 that was decorated in blue on the outside but was pink on the inside to reflect Scardina’s gender transition.

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