3-23-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Eric Peters from EPautos.com stops by to administer our weekly reality supplement. We talk about the lockdown resistance as well as why environmentally-friendly electric vehicles are anything but good for the environment.

Tyranny can take a lot of different forms. Our current authoritarian medical mandates are a good example of this. Ron Paul warns that the latest manifestation looks a lot like: Want a job? Get the shot!

Jordan Peterson’s message of personal responsibility is making the right kinds of waves–big ones. As Jon Miltimore explains, one reason for the pushback by Peterson’s critics is that his message strips away the last refuge of victimhood as a virtue. Because victims are never responsible for their circumstances.

How difficult do you find it to openly speak your mind? The answer likely depends upon how much risk you face of being de-platformed from social media or even your own job. Jeff Minnick has a great column on sticking up for the First Amendment.


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